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Honoring hockey mom

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    'They put up with so much'

    By Ken Wiebe

    "Whether you're playing or not playing, it's always nice to see your mom on Mother's Day and let her know how much she is appreciated. It's good to be around," said Lee Goren.

    Jimmy Roy has come up with a novel concept, one that has nothing to do with getting under the skin of an opponent.

    The veteran Manitoba Moose forward believes it is time for Mother's Day to become a weekend or even week-long celebration.

    "Mothers are really underrated, I've watched what my wife has done with our little girl," said Roy. "It's more than a full-time job and you don't get much credit for it. It's a good holiday for them and it's well-deserved. It should probably be more than one day a year."

    Thanks to the birth of daughter Brooklyn, Mother's Day took on even more significance last year. Roy's wife Laura can expect some pampering today.

    "My wife likes breakfast in bed and to relax, that's what I'm going to do for her this year," said Roy, who moved away from his home in Sioux Lookout, Ont., at the age of 14 to pursue the dream of a hockey career. "Whether I was in school or playing hockey, it's always been a phone call (to mother Nancy). You try to send flowers and thank her for everything she has done. She's the greatest."

    Winnipegger Lee Goren thinks it has been a decade since he spent Mother's Day at home and he's looking forward to spending some time after today's practice with his mother Betty.

    "It's probably been 10 years," said Goren, who has the rare distinction of being involved in a playoff series and still being able to spend part of the day with his family. "It will be nice. Whether you're playing or not playing, it's always nice to see your mom on Mother's Day and let her know how much she is appreciated. It's good to be around."

    Moose general manager Craig Heisinger says he'd like his four children to give mother Vickie a break from the usual mayhem and be on their best behavior today but he's not holding his breath.

    "The proof will be in the pudding," said Heisinger, who also supports Roy's call for a longer celebration period honoring moms. "There's probably some accuracy to that, especially in our house. You'd might finally get your just dessert if you had a week. There's no way in our case that the four of them could be good for a week, so we'll try to squeeze it into one day."

    Yesterday, Moose goalie Wade Flaherty was putting the finishing touches on his gift for wife Carmie, who is back home with the couple's two children in B.C.

    "With a school project, my daughter has made her a pottery cup and my little guy has made a picture frame and there's going to be a family photo in it," said Flaherty. "That will be pretty cool. I'll send flowers and get on the phone. It's frustrating not being home for days like these, but it's all I can do. It's a tough situation (being apart) but that's what it's all about. Hockey wives are special because they put up with so much."

  • Thursday 27 October 2005

    Family squabble breaks out at practice

    by Tim Campbell, Winnipeg Free Press

    A family spat erupted in full public view during practice yesterday but there were more giggles than cross words after the Manitoba Moose were finished their workout at MTS Centre.

    Goalie Wade Flaherty and veteran forward Josh Green, both key players in the Manitoba lineup this season and last, traded a few blows yesterday not once, but twice after an initial one-on-one battle boiled over.

    At the south end of MTS Centre's ice, Flaherty stopped Green during a drill and the veteran goalie took exception to Green throwing his stick. Flaherty picked up the stick and tossed it high up into the protective netting that rises above the glass.

    The two then exchanged words, then a couple of punches, before teammates broke it up.

    On the very next drill, Green skated in on Flaherty and from about 10 feet, lifted a short shot into the goalie's mask. This time, an irate Flaherty charged after his teammate, brandishing his stick like a club, whacking him on the shoulder. More blows were exchanged before the players were pulled apart and head coach Alain Vigneault sent Green to the showers, all this about five minutes before practice officially ended. "Emotions were running a little hot," Flaherty said with a smirk later. "The bottom line is we're getting ready for our game (tonight against Cleveland).

    Flaherty called his reactions a "response."

    "I'll sit down and have a discussion with him about it," Flaherty said.

    Green iced his shoulder after the confrontation but he, too, chuckled about what happened later.

    "It was just stupid," Green said. "He's an old, cagey goalie and he likes to take out your legs when you go to the net. He just got under my skin and I didn't make it any better by throwing my stick at him.

    "It's not like we're not going to be friends anymore. It was just frustration on my part. It's done and over with."

    Vigneault was also amused, though maybe less so in the moments after the second battle occurred.

    "You have a couple of them every year," he said. "I don't put a lot into it. They're probably edgy to get back at it. You know, I never like to practice four days in a row. It'll be good footage for TV tonight."

    The coach said he had no worries about the feud carrying over. "I'm sure the guys already have taken care of it and it won't go any further," he said. "They'll be hugging each other tomorrow."

    NOTES: The Moose will break out special 10th anniversary jerseys to wear against the Barons tonight. Twenty-eight jerseys will be given away or auctioned to fans either on the concourse or on eBay.