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Manitoba Moose

Q & A Jesse Schultz

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Manitoba Moose leading scorer Jesse Schultz recently answered your questions in the Ask-a-Moose forum. Read his answers below, and stay tuned for the next Ask-a-Moose announcement, coming soon!

Question Who is your all-time hockey hero? Who was your favourite NHL team as a young kid? Pete - Gimli, MB

Answer My all-time hockey hero is Steve Yzerman, and my favourite team is the Detroit Redwings.

Question Jesse, growing up in Strasbourg and playing with a lot of players like Mike Wirll, Nick Schultz, and Steven Kent, what was your favourite minor hockey moment? Justin - Regina, SK
Answer My favourite minor hockey moment was our PeeWee team. We made a long run but came up a little short.

Question Growing up, you played hockey with your cousin and were coached by both your Dad and Uncle. Who would you say had the most influence on you growing up, hockey wise? Jason - Strasbourg, SK
Answer My Dad for sure, because everything he did for me to help me out along the way.

Question Hi Jesse. Being such an offensive player with Kelowna and then finding success with Columbia your first season of pro, what was the learning curve for you coming into the AHL last season? And what have you been able to learn and adapt to regain your high offensive numbers this season? Ada - Winnipeg, MB
Answer I had to learn to be better defensively. I've just been shooting the puck more, and they have been going in for me.

Question How did it feel to score your first ever hattrick in the AHL, and what was going through your head as you were about to score that 3rd goal? Christina - Winnipeg, MB
Answer It was exciting to get that hattrick. It was a big win for our hockey team. The third one was kindof lucky, so I wasn't thinking much . . . Just snuck in under the goalie's arm.

Question Did you expect to have such an outburst in goals this season Moose Fan Forever - Anola, MB
Answer I knew I would score more, because I was taking on a bigger role, but to score this much has been a nice surprise.

Question What was it like when you were called up by the Vancouver Canucks earlier this season? Did you learn anything from being around the organization and players? Andre - Winnipeg, MB
Answer It was very exciting. I only was able to take warm-ups, but it was a great experience. The guys were great to me and made me feel very comfortable.

Question Hi Jessie, my name is Ethan and I am eight years old. You are having a great season. What more will it take to become a regular in the Canucks lineup? Ethan - Winnipeg, MB
Answer Thanks Ethan. I think I have to get stronger physically. Also, I have to round out my game more and become a better defensive player.

Question Jesse, congratulations on the great year. I was just wondering what the typical off day and game day are like for an AHLer? Darren - Lethbridge, AB
Answer Thanks Darren. A typical off-day is practice in the morning, then a short work out. The guys kinda do whatever after that, maybe a movie, video games, or a quick nap. Gamedays, we have a short skate in the morning, then go for lunch, have a nap in the afternoon, and usually get back to the rink around 5:30.

Question What do you eat before a game? Grant - Brandon, MB
Answer Usually just pasta and chicken. Carbs and protein.


Question Hey Jesse, do you have any superstitions or game-day rituals to help you get ready for the game? Good luck for the rest of the regular season and in the playoffs! Kailey - Winnipeg, MB
Answer Thanks Kailey. I usually get dressed with my right side first, but that's about it.

Question Hi Jesse, I just wanted to know what you like to do during the off season? Ella - Winnipeg, MB
Answer I like to relax for a bit. I spend my summers in Kelowna, BC, so beach volleyball and golf keep me busy.

Question Do you play any other sports than hockey? RJ - Winnipeg, MB
Answer I played baseball when I was younger, and I try to golf a little now.

Question Who is your roommate for road trips, and who is your best buddy on the team? Jamie - Winnipeg, MB
Answer My roommate for road trips is Mike Brown. My best buddy on the team is Jozef Balej.

Question What is your favourite place to play while on the road? Keep up the good work! Yi - Rochester, NY
Answer I like to play in Houston and San Antonio because of the weather. It's a nice change from the weather here.

Question During your hockey career, what has been your worst injury (if any)? Lindsay - Winnipeg, MB
Answer My first year pro in Columbia I tore the MCL in my left knee.

Question Hi Jesse! I'm a huge fan. I don't recall seeing you ever get into a hockey fight, therefore, my question to you is: have you ever been in a "brawl"? If yes, with who? Lindsay - Winnipeg, MB
Answer I was in a brawl last year with Tim Wedderburn from Chicago.

Question If you were to make a dream line-up, who would you choose? Three forwards, 2 d-men, and a goalie. Darrin - Winnipeg, MB
Answer Lemieux, Gretzky, Yzerman, Bobby Orr, Nick Lidstrom, Wade Flaherty.

Question What is the highlight of your hockey career? Dustin - Winnipeg, MB
Answer Winning the WHL championship with Kelowna and playing in the Memorial Cup.

Question Hey Jesse. It's great to see you back with the Moose this season! My question is: What would your career be if you weren't playing hockey? Thanks, and good luck with the rest of the season! Taylor - Winnipeg, MB
Answer Thanks Taylor. I'd hope to be involved in hockey somehow, maybe coaching or managing.